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Alchemy's Air

Alchemy's Air by Stacey L. Tucker. Review by Jessica Mack on Latest Book Crush

Score: 2/5 Bookmarks

BookSparks sent me an advance reader copy of Alchemy’s Air by Stacey L. Tucker. The story is a unique blend of science, mysticism, female empowerment, and a dash of politics. It stars Skylar Southmartin who is on a quest to live up to her life’s purpose — restoring a vital memory to the Akashic Library, located deep within the Underworld of Earth.

There are some series that can be picked up at book two, three, or ten, without having read the previous volumes. This is not one such book. I highly recommend reading Ocean’s Fire before moving on to this one. Despite reading the synopsis and several reviews of the first book I still felt like I was missing vital information on the history of events and relationships that made a lot of references in Alchemy’s AIr very confusing and difficult to piece together.

I also had trouble with some of the dialogue. I would be enjoying the pace of the book and descriptions of events and then the characters would start talking. The dialogue often felt forced and really broke the flow of what was otherwise an enjoyable story.

I realize my review may have been more favorable if I could have gotten my hands on the first book, but I will say that the author has come up with a truly unique story and in a world where everything seems to be a rehash of something else that’s no easy feat. I also really appreciate a strong, intelligent female lead, which is an important aspect of this trilogy.

If you read Alchemy’s Air, or have read Ocean’s Fire, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Skylar Southmartin is not the naïve girl she was a short year ago. She’s made some mistakes and learned a few secrets to life, all the while clinging to the faith her mother instilled in her as a child . . . in herself. And now that she has discovered her life’s purpose within the pages of the ancient Book of Sophia, she knows what she must do: restore a vital memory to the Akashic Library, located deep within the Underworld of Earth. This library is sought after by many who are aware of its existence, for they know the future of human potential rests at its core.

Meanwhile, Devlin Grayer has been elected as the 46th President of the United States and his wife, Milicent, is miserable in her new role as First Lady―especially because the Great Mothers have asked Milicent to use her new status to help their cause, and she has no interest in tackling that task.

With the help of friends in the unlikeliest of places, Skylar’s journey reveals the significance of the darkness within all of us, and its potential to save or destroy the most precious part of us all: our soul.

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